bri·gade [bri-geyd]


1.  A military unit having its own headquarters and consisting of two or more regiments, squadrons, groups, or battalions.
2.  A group of individuals organized for a particular purpose: a fire brigade; a rescue brigade; a paintball brigade.
3.  A large body of troops. main image brigadeIf you play paintball, this is your new home. The Special Ops Brigade is where tens of thousands of players just like you gather from all over the world for one purpose: To share and grow the sport of paintball. Here you will find tools to connect you with your brothers (and sisters) in arms, while enjoying the coolest benefits around, and best of all, it’s completely FREE. Together, we can revolutionize paintball for everyone! Viva la REVOLUTION!

It’s time to make a difference. These are the tools to get you going, get to work player!


  • Express yourself with words and pictures while connecting with other players like you by creating your own personal Brigade web page. Use the Gear list and Play Log to show off your killer stuff and mad skillz.
  • Organize your own team or search for openings on teams around the world or in your own back yard with Team Link. Keep track of your team members, games, pictures and more while coordinating with other teams.


  • Use the Buddy list and Private Messages on your Brigade Page to keep track of and communicate with all of your friends, and even make new ones!
  • Join the largest and most active paintball forum on the planet dedicated to sharing information about the sport you love with the Brigade Forum.


  • Organize your own games anywhere on the planet with the Game Locator.
  • Reach every member within 100 miles of your game with just one click!
  • Search for games by distance, State, or other options, and opt-in instantly.
  • See everyone who’s playing in a game and contact and invite other members.

The Special Ops Brigade is the largest organization of paintball players on the planet. The mission of the Brigade is to grow the sport of paintball by organizing the masses of individual players and connecting them to each other and local fields and stores by giving them the resources they need to do it. By working together with other players, fields, and stores, every single member of the Brigade can help change the future of paintball and grow the sport bigger and better than was ever thought possible.

It will take all of us working together, and it starts with YOU! The more you play and the more you interact with other players, the higher you will climb in the ranks of the Brigade and the more free stuff and discounts you will enjoy…


As the creator of the Brigade, Special Ops Paintball is dedicated to the continued growth and success of paintball. We are a company of players for players, and as such have invested a great deal of time and effort into providing all players with free tools to improve your paintball experience. The Brigade is open to all paintball players at absolutely no charge.